March Bulletin 2015

Welcome to the last Bulletin from the Knowledge Team. This month: Goodbye and thanks from us; our legacy projects; SKINtelligence to continue; our final webinar releases; and what our partners are saying about us as we close for business.

Goodbye and thanks from usFront Cover Final Report

With sadness, we say goodbye to all of you, our partners from many sectors of the economy and our patient leader partners.  It has been a great five years working with all of you.  We have learnt a lot, we have shared a lot of learning and we have improved patient care at the front line here in the Thames Valley.  Please look at our legacy website for the record of what we have done.  And our final report can be found here :

Who knows –maybe we will meet many of you in future roles but, in the meantime, we hope that you will feel that we have added value to your own work through our work.

Below we share some final reflections from the different constituencies that have made up our networks.  We will still be here until the end of the month, so please share your own feedback with us on:-

Our legacy projects

As a final legacy of our work, we are supporting a number of pieces of work over the next year which continue the work we have been doing in the Thames Valley and    beyond. We also will maintain a legacy website for three years:-

  • Oxfordshire CCG: coordination support for the next round of SKINtelligence (see overleaf).
  • Oxford Health: support to develop patient safety champions in the Trust and across the community.
  • Aylesbury Vale CCG: support to develop integrated care and a wider culture around the  prevention of harm in the Vale.
  • Centre for Innovation and Knowledge Exchange: support to continue the research into cross-sector health innovation networks, which has already yielded two academic papers to capture the lessons of the HIECs.
  • The Learning Location: support to maintain the interactive website for good skin care.
  • The Strategic Clinical Networks; continuation funding for the popular Mind and Body Digest.

More detail and contact names will be added to the legacy website before the end of the month.


SKINtelligence: one more round

We are pleased to say that the Patient Safety Federation has agreed further support for another round of SKINtelligence; a programme designed to prevent needless skin breakdown and reduce the incidence of pressure ulcers across the health and care system in the Thames Valley.  The dates for the next set of IHI workshops with Annette Bartley are: 19th June 2015; 15th July; 16th September and 29th October.  As before, participating    organisations in Oxfordshire and Berkshire will be supported by their local community Trusts and some extra clinical resource.  In future, the programme will be led and managed by Oxfordshire CCG.  For more information, please contact:

And please check out our interactive website of learning resources to promote skin health:

You will find it at:


A new series of webinars from the Knowledge Team 2015image nick

Continuing our series of webinars, we are pleased to announce three more webinars released for  March 2015.

image CathyThis month, Cathy O’Sullivan, our Chief Executive, shares some of the successes of the SKINtelligence programme:

Dr. Nick Garner talks about his partnership work with the NHS to reduce pressure ulcers arising from friction:

James Curtis shares how he and his colleagues introduced Shared Decision Making into a Smoking Cessation service across Gloucestershire.image James

To access any of these webinars, please follow the link:




What you have told us!

“My thanks Catherine and the team at HIEC who have supported Windsor Ascot and Maidenhead CCG from our very beginning. We know that many projects which we have started with the encouragement and support of HIEC have led to direct improvements to the care of patients. Our CCG has adopted a culture of collaboration, innovation and continuous improvement through our involvement with  the Knowledge Team.”

 “We will indeed take forward the great work that you have tirelessly undertaken.”

“From an industry perspective, the HIEC has positively engaged a variety of stakeholders on health projects which have prominent patient benefit, and seek to tackle unmet medical needs.   My  personal experience of working together on projects has been very positive, with a strong collaborative culture, and a dare to try attitude in the pursuit of innovation. The HIEC has played an important role in bridging the gap during times of change and transition, and has been custodian of projects which can continue to impact on patient lives now and in the future.”

“I hope you are really proud of the difference you have made right to a patient care level as well as from a systems perspective. “

“I have to say it has been a total pleasure to have been associated with an organisation that is so characterised by producing real outputs that are of value to service; outputs which produce enhanced outcomes for service users.  No-one should underestimate the quality of this achievement: to deliver so consistently in the turbulent NHS is a rare thing.”







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